Spud I like


A short blog today. Here is the book that, for me, is the best ‘walking around the coast of Britain’ story. I have read it many, many times since it was first published and maybe because it was my first encounter with such a person, I fell madly in love with Spud and her dog Tess. I first started to think about walking  around the coast about 5 years before this book came out. She had a different world to achieve her goal. No internet! It’s a story of OS maps being delivered to Post Offices around the country, a leaky campervan with a life and mind of its own, a handful of honest, hardworking volunteers and of course a dog taken on a 4500 mile walk. She raised £44,000 for SHELTER. Spud Talbot Ponsonby became my heroine…she still is. (lip wobbling, oh no…tears)

Emotional over and out.


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