Walk Finished !! 09/12/19


Kieran Sandwell, 49, finishes his 5,000 mile walk around the UK coast line in aid of The British Heart Foundation (BHF). He arrives at Tower Bridge and is greeted by his fiance Sylvie and BHF supporters. Kieran from Devon suffered a heart attack when he was 13. By the age of 35 he had heart failure and was put on the heart transplant waiting list. In 2009 he received a life saving heart transplant. He set of on his epic “Trail of Two Hearts” in February 2017 and has raised £15,000 for the BHF. Photography by DFphotography.co.uk

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Final Total:  £15,701.31 (inc giftaid)

Watch a slideshow of my best pictures here:


My name is Kieran. I have had two lives.
I was born with a heart defect called Transposition of the great arteries (TGA) I had open heart surgery (aged 3), Endocarditus (7), Heart attack (13), Mini strokes (21), Defibrillator fitted (36), heart transplant (38)

My second life has now lasted 8 healthy years thanks to a heart transplant in July 2009. I decided to donate my heart for British Heart Foundation funded research. I recently visited my old heart to say hello.

My story was recently published on BHF’s Blog. This is approximately a 20 minute read so get a cup of tea and a few custard creams and enjoy the ride. Click here

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Thank you for your support

Kieran Sandwell



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