Home sweet Home


“The purpose of an adventure is to learn”

One of the delightful parts of Spud’s book that I blogged about yesterday was the role of the spudtruck on her adventure round the coast of Britain. At one point, she wonders whether her dog Tess, who she had only met six weeks before, would think of the spudtruck as “home”. As a human being on this planet (in the loosest sense of the word some might day), it seems to me that we are conditioned to believe we need a permanent address to be of any value. I have never embarked on a nomadic existence so these things are now becoming curious to me. Certainly, the older you get and the more involved you are in things you are, it becomes a necessity. “What is your current address?” is on every form you fill out and if this is not good enough for some eager administration departments, “What was your previous address?” seems to pop up.

Spud wrote letters to sponsors regularly (no internet remember) and she would address it as:

The Spudtruck

On the Beach

Nr Hunstanton


When I return to a less nomadic lifestyle in 2018, I may have to put this as my previous address:

The Sandyvan

Next to the odd smelling caravanette

Off A2204

Nr Woolwich Ambulance station


Should one of my endless emails to motorhome companies become fruitful, my campervan will be called the Sandyvan. Those who don’t know me my surname is Sandwell. Sandyman in the Sandyvan. My plea for help now goes out to you. Does anyone have a neighbour or friend who has a campavan sitting on his or her driveway that they can loan me? Does anyone want to sponsor the Sandyvan?

Things are starting to move forward nicely now as money is being pledged, my twitter feed is looking less like a dormant bird (I’ve never tweeted), this website/blog stats are improving and I have some major retailers considering sponsoring my kit. Each new day brings more and more new things to think about and learn.

“The purpose of an adventure is to learn” could not be truer.

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