Grumpy trousers are on

I am disliking Facebook more and more. It is obviously providing a link to all the people I have met on the walk and also my friends and family but I am so utterly frustrated with the algorithms used for advertising and my feed.

Like the news we are fed from the rich, it is disturbingly inaccurate. My ‘recommended for you’ section has videos of hate, road rage, wars, robbery, fights etc. How can that happen? I don’t want this. Or does this mean that my friends like things that I don’t like?

I have actually got to the point where I only log into Facebook to update the walk page. So please don’t think I don’t care. I will find other ways to communicate.

It was fantastic to be able to meet up with a fellow coast walker Ruth Livingstone. She started in Kings Lynn and is walking clockwise in stages, some weekends and the odd week. We compared notes and routes and chatted about how we both came to chose this as something to do.

Ruth is doing it slowly, thoroughly absorbing each view and making a great record of her journey. She is only the second coast walker I have met and on both occasions, the madness of my idea disintegrates and an immediate bond is created. I have joined a warm, friendly and unique club of people. We understand the good and bad of it all. (And we are a bit mad)

The walk has been hard work this past week. A few times, I had no option but to get a bus to the end with my hip injury still playing up. I am feeling a bit down to be honest. My London marathon training was littered with injuries and frustrating little niggles so I have techniques and exercises to use to overcome this annoying period. I am missing home too but oddly when I was back home, I missed the walk.

Like blisters on a walk, an injury can make a good walk and scenery into a forgettable one. My journey from Ayr to Stranraer has been a tough one but I am still delighted with my progress. I now turn east for the rest of this week (after trying to peek at Northern Island) and then this leg will come to an end very near the England/Scotland border.


The reason for going back home on the 13th July is to help out at the Brentwood Festival. This is a music event near to where I grew up that has chosen BHF as their charity this year. So I will be volunteering on the BHF stands.
I will also be speaking about the BHF, my story and the walk on the main stage, just before Status Quo!! When I was asked, I couldn’t refuse so if anyone is free on the 14th/15th/16th July come to Brentwood. Maybe even help out? The line up is good and I have been promised non-Scottish summer weather.

Tempted to get my Ukelele out on the main stage and do 500 miles 