Why not set up your own “pub” quiz in the comfort of your own home? Invite friends and family round, split them into teams and ask them to make a donation to play.


If you run a business please feel free to use the quiz. Pubs, social clubs are most welcome to use this quiz on their regular pub quiz nights. A great example of this is from The Woolpack in Wainfleet, Lincs who raised £450 on their usual quiz night. AMAZING !!

All you need to do is contact me via the Contact page or Janet Woodall at the BHF and we will provide you with a webpage to download the PDF’s so you can print them out. SIMPLE. Included in the pack are:

  • The all important questions. These are related to both the coast and hearts.
  • Blank Answer sheets for the teams
  • A thank you letter from the BHF with contact details should you need them
  • A raise remittenance form should you need it
  • A coastal themed picture round to do while the quiz is going on
  • The Answers.

There are seven rounds and the picture round. Four rounds will take around an hour and a half to complete. It depends on how much time your have or just pic the rounds you want to do.

All money raised can be collected by the organiser and put onto my justgiving page or use instructions included in the pack

Its HARD by the way….and please don’t invite Mr Google !!

Good luck all and thank you for supporting the British Heart Foundation


Download the quiz poster HERE