Northfleet to Greenwich (Pt2)

Day 317 Erith to Greenwich. A very enjoyable walk along the Thames path where I felt more like a tourist than a soon to be ex-coastal walker. Most people read my tabbard, looked at me, saw me smiling or heard me saying ‘Morning’ and immediately looked away or to the floor. No exaggeration. Many walking or cycling on the path had headphones on trying to drown out London I guess. When I trained for the London Marathon, I never had headphones on for a run. I used my imagination for motivation. Whilst walking, the noises, smells and sights are what makes the walk for me.
Anyway, there were many famous sights on my walk today. Thames Barrier, Millenium Dome, Canary Wharf, Greenwich and Cutty Sark. Signs for Tower Bridge were greeted firstly by excitement, then by sadness. I realised I had slowed up as I went around the Millennium Dome. Part tiredness and part not wanting this to end. But end it must so roll on tomorrow and let’s complete the circle.







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