Westgate On Sea to Whitstable

Day 313 Westgate on Sea to Whitstable. I hugged the coast all day today and the route, weather, visibility and walk all made for a fitting end to Coastal walking for me. For the last few days of the walk I will be inland or alongside the River Thames. It was also lovely that I got to see glimmers of Essex on the horizon. The circle really did feel complete when I asked a local to confirm this. Indeed it was Essex I was seeing.
The walk was mostly along the sea wall with the tide out. I wondered if the waves had got wind of me finishing and were sulking. The Reculver Towers were visible from Westgate and took an age to appear fully in front of me.
“Are you the man off the Tele?” a cyclist said as he screached to a halt on the sea wall. I admitted that I might be. We chatted for a few minutes and he gave me a donation for the BHF. At least one person watched it
Herne Bay looked gorgeous with the blue sky and fading sun. I was very tired by then and the last few miles to Whitstable are a bit of a blur.
The Isle of Sheppey became clearer as I reached the end of the walk abd even Essex could be made out in a photo…just
It was hard work, mainly due to the emotions of my last day by the sea. Forwards through North Kent…..


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