Ramsgate to Westgate on Sea

Day 312 Ramsgate to Westgate on Sea. Wow what a day!! I met up with my Uncle David today and before the walk we visited a barber shop in King Street, Ramsgate. Not for a hair cut I hasten to add. This was the place where my great great great grandfather worked. Us Sandwell’s were originally from the Isle of Thanet back from 1600’s. If that wasnt exciting enough we had more to come when we met up with Tony from ITV Meridian who interviewed and filmed us by the Bandstand in Ramsgate. Maddie from the BHF joined in the fun and hope to see the end result tonight
I have done many of these now…I am a pro
Uncle David and I then walked the upper path to the gorgeous Broadstairs and on round the corner of Kent to Margate.
I turned west at Botany Bay and faced London expecting to be elated at being in the final stretch. The opposite happened. I looked out into the Noth Sea and felt sad. ‘I’m going to miss you’ I thought.
We plodded on to Westgate on Sea and as the sun got lower, the temperature fell to make a chilly end to the walk. Here is the interview that appeared later in the day on ITV Merdian

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