I know it has been ages since I blogged and like most bloggers, I always feel I should blog more but I genuinely don’t have time and energy.

A common misconception when I meet people on this walk is the thought that I would have an entourage with me. It really is just me, my rucksack and my ukelele. Yes I have finally bought one.



My first three chords I learnt gave me the annoying ability to play 500 miles by The Proclaimers.

I won’t try to review the last month, suffice to say there are so many kind, warm, friendly, generous human beings in this country and I am lucky to be meeting them everyday. Forget the news. Forget the media. “Switch off your television sets and go and do something less boring instead” (ask your parents if you don’t know where that quote is from)

Our image of the world from media leaves us in a negative state. I stopped reading papers 20 years ago. I stopped watching TV 5 years ago (apart from Corrie but even now that has gone negative so I don’t bother)

I am lucky on this walk to see people as they want to be not how they think they should be.

Anyway……The other day I arranged to meet two ladies and a child in Anstruther. I had a thumbnail pic on Facebook to go by. So, outside the “world famous” chip shop I approached two ladies and child and said

“Hello, is it me you are looking for?”

“No” said the lady aggressively tugging her child away from the strange sweaty bearded man.

I swung round, red faced and bearded, to see two other ladies and a child laughing at me.

Never use Lional Richie lyrics when meeting strangers.

Hope to blog more…

Kieran xx





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