20170213_13323015 days in, I am thrilled to have raised £2000. I am also feeling overwhelmed with the messages of encouragement and acts of kindness I have received.

I am a bit disappointed with myself for not blogging regularly. The truth is that I am so tired after each walk, it has been the last thing on my mind. My routine of foot and muscle care, re-fuelling and resting is working so I am reluctant to change this.

Over the last 15 days I have walked in all weathers. Snow, rain, sleet, bright sunshine, icy cold winds and worst of all – persistent drizzle. Heavy rain becomes exhilarating after a while but drizzle is like walking with a dementor beside you.

Essex has the fastest drivers in the country but that is not a good thing. I can say that because I lived there for 26 years and already I have dived into a hedge six times from mad drivers – all in Essex. It has the longest coastline of all the counties of England, due mostly to do with the amount of rivers and estuaries. This meant that I had to use non rural roads a lot more to get through the county and left me with an distorted view no doubt. The peace and quiet of Bradwell the great beaches from Clacton to Harwich were the high points.
My day starts with the alarm at 6.15am. Why? I have always got up early and never use a snooze. So I immediately start thinking about the days walk. I post the route and the lovely adorable illustrations done by Mary, my cousin and Sophie, her daughter. It is the first time I get to see them so I usually start the day grinning at them. I study the map and decide on how I am feeling as to whether there should be any re-routing. Breakfast and packing follow and I am usually on the road by 8.30 – 9am. I stop after an hour for water and then for the rest of the day, I listen to my body. I munch nuts and raisins, biscuits and jelly babies mostly. I stop 2 or 3 times for 10 minutes or so mostly in bus shelters at the moment! Most days I am walking for 5-6 hours and the feet are throbbing when I finish. The next six hours is recovering and social media and in bed by 11am.
The details of what has happened each day is in a little diary at the moment and I am hopeful that now my body is getting used to the walking, I will be blogging more.
Southwold tomorrow, home of one of my favourite brewery – Adnams

Kieran xx


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