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I’ve walked 78.5 miles since I last blogged, averaging just shy of 10 miles a day. I am still carrying around my medical notes for ballast and for variety, some days I have my entire CD collection. I have no idea how much the rucksack weighs but I know I will not be carrying that weight around the coast of Britain!! Here are some pics of the walks.

So much has happened since last posting and I could be here all night trying to recall everything but with very tired eyelids I will keep it brief.

Berghaus have kindly supplied me with some extraordinarily good outdoor clothing, so much so, I actually feel like an adventurer just walking around the house in the gear. I will post pictures soon.

I have two fundraisers confirmed – Day 2 at the Dog and Partridge, Orsett, Essex 7.30pm and The “Tom Peppers” pub in Clacton have agreed to host a fundraising night too on Day 8 (8th). Both will be in the form of a pub quiz with a mixture of coastal and heart related questions. Please pop along if you are nearby.

I have nearly packed away my life in boxes and got most of the equipment/clothing I will need for a year’s walk. It still doesn’t seem real that I start next Wednesday and it also doesn’t seem real saying goodbye to people for what might be a year. I have been so focused on the details of the first few weeks that it hasn’t really crossed my mind that I am going away for a year – it feels more like a little mini break!

I am sure once everything is packed away and it is just me and my rucksack, it might start feeling real.

If you use twitter, please follow me on http://www.twitter.com/kieransandwell There will be random pics and vlogs as I walk along.

Thank you to all the people who have offered help and also those who have sponsored me via my justgiving page here. It gives me such a boost each time I see the total move.

Kieran xx


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