3 weeks? No Way!

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So three weeks today, I will be setting off on my 5000 mile walk. It’s hard for me to think how I will be feeling on that day as I have just had three weeks with two separate bouts of cold/coughy stuff.


I keep looking back at the post where I was carrying my medical notes 16 miles early in December and wondering how strong and confident I would be feeling if I hadn’t caught these bugs. This week was supposed to be a full week of 15 mile walks with a heavy backpack. I was then going to ease off until start day with 10 miles walks and the odd longer one at weekends. My actual training this week has included scoffing two packs of Soothers, numerous naps and to keep morale up – singing to the cat as Barry White. (My morale, not the cat’s..I’m sure his morale plummeted)

Of course, this personal plan went out the window at Christmas with bug number one and although I managed 10 mile and 11 mile consecutive walks last week, there has been more action on my bed than in my walking boots since then. I was just about to remove that last sentence but I’ve decided to leave it in for all those “carry on” film fans and those with smutty minds.

So what is the plan from now till the 1st February? I have no idea. My muscle memory will be sufficient to stand the first few days and mentally I will be fine for the walk so I guess I will be trying to do a few longs walks and some regular short walks but mostly trying to stay healthy.

I am extremely confident that I can cope with the mental side of this walk. I have pictured many, many scenarios in my head over the years and the London Marathon training has helped me get use to the level of pain my body can take and what tricks to play with my mind when fatigue sets in. I am, like anyone living with a lifelong illness, very aware that plans can change in the blink of an eye, or in my case a beat of a heart and trying to remain relaxed about getting ill, though sometimes its very difficult to control.


One thing is certain though, every time, I pick up my rucksack I feel like a dog that has seen its owner reach for the lead. If I had a tail, it will be wagging vigorously. I wish humans had tails. I once wrote a short story about a disco that only allowed entrance to humans with tails…..maybe when I am on my own in NW Scotland, I will come back to my tail tales.

Kieran xx


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