What a Poser!


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“Hero pose…hahaha!! “


Yesterday I went to Clacton-On-Sea to have a photo shoot for the BHF. This will enable posters to be made so that fundraising events and general noise can be made before my arrival around the coast. We have ambitious plans to stage hundreds of events around the coastline as I plod around with my rucksack. Press releases, radio interviews, local magazine articles and many other things will help to publicise these events and also to make people donate directly to the walk. I also met a real life long distance walker/adventurer by the name of Ivor.

The weather, once a gain was fabulous for the time of year. A bit chilly but I was happy to go topless if they wanted me too. Sadly, it wasn’t that sort of photo shoot but when Tim, Media Producer for the BHF, asked me to pose over the rocks, I did wonder where it all might lead. Luckily for all concerned the only clothing to come off was my waterproof jacket hiding my BHF top.

Accompanying Tim and I as we meandered along the coastline, where three BHF Fundraising Managers (FM) who’s help over the following months is going to be invaluable. Janet, who took these action shots, is FM for Hertfordshire and she will be co-coordinating me!! (a difficult task to say the least). Sophie is FM for Essex and she will be  the BHF’s first coastal FM for the walk and for my home county (no pressure, Sophie!) I also met Dawne who is FM for Suffolk and Norfolk and I will drift into her patch in mid February and will be going through one of my most favourite parts of the coast, Old Hunstanton. Marc is the FM for the East and with his amazing enthusiasm for the walk will make sure the fundraising done up the east coast will be the best!! (his words not mine)

It is really comforting to know I have these lovely people to turn to and to help me as I go round. I expect they will draw the line at washing my socks and smalls but they will be on hand to make sure I get a lot of great events and publicity around the coast.

8934379_14774053040_rIvor, pictured above talking to Sophie and Dawne (and now shaven) is an incredible man who has just finished a 2000 mile walk along the Appalachian Trail in America and raised thousands for the BHF. His trailname was ‘Stumbledwarf’, please google him and donate if you can. I gained some great advice from him as we wandered around and it was fabulous to speak to someone who has done such an incredibly difficult long distance walk. Have a look at his story here: https://www.gofundme.com/4qnszvmk

I like the idea of a trailname…..Any ideas? Please email me on the Contact form on the website.

Kieran xx


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