A Dank Day

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eothChristmas Jumper Day!!!

I asked my new boots if they wanted to go and play in the mud today and they nearly ran out the door without me. After the last few days of pounding pavements, grunting up hills, crunching along leafy trails and squelching across wet grass, it was now time for these pampered walking boots to show me what they are made of. A 10 mile boggy walk in dank conditions.

I love the word dank. Here are some very danky pictures.

After my walk, I decided to cake my local coffee shop’s floor with mud whilst ordering a gorgeous coffee and walnut cake. Thank you “Elbows of the Table” in Old Hemel High Street for your coffee, hospitality and great cake.

I wonder if I should re-name this “A trail of too many cakes” because I am now looking for tea rooms I can finish at each day. I have recently heard of lady who has just completed her walk around the coast of Britain by being fuelled by cake alone. It would be an interesting idea to have lots of cake baking fundraisers along the coast and I could become Paul Hollywood each day. Given that I have a female heart, I could even be Mary Berry? Kieran’s Kakeathon? I can feel a clockwise walk coming along here starting February 2018 !!


Coffee & Walnut cake….slurp

Anyway, back to the current (no cake pun intended) walk. I have a BHF coastal photoshoot on Tuesday 20th December in Clacton. If you are nearby and want to come and say “Hello” we will be along the prom until we have eaten too much ice-cream and made ourselves sick….well that’s my plan anyway.

I am off to the panto now (oh no you’re not) Oh yes I…ahem. Lots of interesting walks planned for the weekend in lovely Hertfordshire.

Kieran xx
(He’s behind you)

Kieran x


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