New boots…

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I’m not a trained cobbler or know anything about putting hoofs on horses but something recently has been telling me that I may have to get some new boots. The stones that are wedged in the holes have been propping up the structure quite well over the last few years…yes, I did say years. They were still working…just. I know you are smirking and shaking your head but for me,  it has been really hard to part with the best pair of walking boots I have have ever owned. So what if they leaked? So what if they squelched? So what if they didn’t grip very well? The were my trusted boots. It was indeed a sad moment when I walked my two friends, ‘lefty’ and ‘righty’ to the shops knowing that this would be the last time we mucked about together.

In the age of computers and statistics, I wish I knew how many miles were covered with these little beauties on my feet. How high did we go?  As I did their last walk on death row, I reminisced about the fun times and tough moments. I think they knew this was their last walk as they made a heartbraking squelching noise all the way along the road.They were was saying to me that they couldn’t Karrimor weight.

I felt for lefty and righty as they lay their on the floor of the shop, staring up at the rows and rows of brand new sturdy righties. After trying on six pairs, I settled on a pair of Merrells. This surprised me as I have always had Karrimors. So lefty and righty went in the new box and I walked my new merrels out of the shop, bouncing like a kangaroo on a trampoline.


Kangaroo boots

I had a lovely email today from a friend who has a Beach Hut for me to stay in near Hunstanton. The more I think about that, the more I love the idea of sleeping right next to the sea. What a lovely sound to drift off to sleep with.

The rest of my day today was spent tinkering with website, writing sponsorship request emails and wondering how long my new bouncy boots will get to the stage of lefty and righty. How amazing would it be if I could do 5000 with my new friends. Now there’s a challenge

Kieran x


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